Brochure Marketing — 14 March 2011
Benefits of Using Brochure Distribution Services

Even in today’s web-oriented world, most businesses use the internet to market their products and services to potential customers, but in the travel and tourism industry, brochure distribution is still a key part of any successful marketing plan. With their simple, colorful designs and ease of use, brochures provide travelers and tourists an easy way to access relevant information during their trips and allows businesses to influence travelers in a variety of locations, including hotels, restaurants, and rest areas.

In 2010, an international study performed at Bentley University in Massachusetts revealed a number of interesting statistics related to consumers’ opinions toward brochures and brochure stands:

  • 75% of visitors surveyed agreed that brochures are valuable source of visitor information
  • 63% believe that brochure display stands serve to inform visitors about numerous attractions, tours, and shops within the marketplace
  • 52% use brochure display racks for information on special deals, current events, attractions in the area
  • 51% agreed that information is easy to find in brochure racks
  • 40% said that they may extend their stay after reading about additional activities at their location in a brochure

Brochures from display stands have held a consistent place in the tourism industry for years, and their convenience and simplicity should retain their value as a practical source of information for travelers on the go for many years to come.

For more on these studies, view the IAPBD video on YouTube.

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