Brochures Still the #1 Visitor Information Source In-Market

2012 International Survey of Travelers

Brochure Effectiveness

The travel & tourism industry depends heavily on brochures & publications to reach visitors while traveling.

While the internet is a major tool for pre-planning, a recent survey shows that travelers continue to cite brochures & travel guides picked up in marketplace as their greatest source of information for during-trip planning.


In 2012 the Center for Marketing Technology at Bentley University in Massachusetts, conducted an international survey of travelers.

Under the direction of Professor Ian Cross, they were asked questions about influences on their travel plans.

A total of 1,637 surveys were completed.

View the full report on brochure effectiveness here.

brochures being used in-market by travelers

One might have expected the influence of Internet & mobile marketing tools to supplant the use of traditional marketing tools in the tourism industry.

While we see the impact of the internet & electronic media hastening the decline of traditional mass media vehicles such as television, newspaper, and radio the use of printed tourist brochures is flourishing.

Leisure travelers continue to desire easy to read & easy to find information about local attractions found in brochure racks located in hotels, and visitor information centers.

The sight of a printed brochure in a convenient display rack is a staple of the North American & European travel experience. The message may change but the format continues to work & work well for visitors.

- Professor Ian Cross (Director, Center of Marketing Technology Bentley University, Massachusetts, USA)


While technology continues to change our everyday lives, brochure distribution remains:

Proven - thousands of satisfied customers

Effective - #1 source of visitor information in-market

Reliable - years of experience


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