Travel Industry — 15 April 2011
Celebrate National Parks Week with Free Apps from Chimani

This week, Chimani, LLC announced that they will be giving away all of their iPhone national park apps, for free during National Park Week (April 16-24).  Those using the Android platform can also download the apps for only $0.99 each, which is still a great deal considering the usual price of $4.99-9.99 per app. To explain his reasoning for making the apps free, Chimani President Kerry Gallivan says “entrance to the national parks is free, and so too should our apps.”

Chimani is the perfect companion for anyone who enjoys touring and exploring the many American national parks.  Currently, Chimani offers apps for the following National Parks in the United States:

  • Acadia National Park
  • Cape Cod National Seashore
  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park
  • Grand Canyon National Park
  • Yosemite National Park

The well-designed, intuitive interface is perfect for easily navigating the diverse terrains of the national parks, and the best part is that all of the custom-designed, GPS-enabled maps come pre-installed, so there’s no need for an internet connection.  This is ideal for use in national parks, where it can often be difficult to pick up a signal.  As Gallivan says, “When Google Maps stops working, Chimani maps begin.”

Apart from the in-depth, highly detailed maps, the Chimani apps offer a number of additional features that are indispensable for anyone who really wants to experience all that the parks have to offer, including:

  • Terrain maps
  • Trail guides
  • Weather updates
  • Sunrise/Sunset Times
  • Moon phases
  • Tides
  • Ranger-led activites
  • Free shuttle bus schedules
  • News alerts
  • Local lodging options
  • Hike-planning software

The apps also include in-depth, highly informative audio tours written by professional travel writers to help you every step of the way.  The tours can even be adjusted depending on your means of transportation, whether you’re driving, walking, or taking shuttle buses around the parks.  To top it all of, users of the Chimani apps can instantly locate the nearest bathroom from anywhere in the park in a matter of seconds.

If you’re celebrating National Park Week at one of the parks available be sure to download the apps today at the iPhone App Store or Android Marketplace.

To find out more, check out, along with their blog, Facebook, and Twitter.


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