Travel Industry — 24 August 2011
Could this year’s corporate travel seminar change the culture of the travel industry?



It’s no secret that the travel industry has taken a huge financial hit due to the recession. Because of this, companies were forced to change and revamp their business strategies and practices to compete in these hard economic times. To find the answer to these concerns, tons of high level executives have flown to Denver today to attend the Corporate Travel Seminar. This year’s seminar held over a 3 day period, features an elaborate trade show, educational sessions and talks by top-draw businesses and financial speakers. Why should you care about the travel and tourism seminar? It’ simple these conventions spawn new ideas on safety, transportation and cost-effectiveness such as baggage fees on luggage were a few years ago.

Importance for business owners

No matter how big your company is in the travel industry, news from this seminar will affect your business protocols and the business overall. Travel industry news such as new laws and regulations on security and transportation will be discussed. This were insure that businesses are well educated and informed on current and future issues. This information will affect the way passengers board planes, purchase tickets, get reimbursed for tickets, and so on,etc. Key figures will be speaking on this travel issue like John Pistole, administrator of the Transportation Security Administration and Jeffrey Smisek, chief executive of the recently merged United and Continental Airlines. They will cover the domestic and the global approach to help your  company stay profitiable in the travel and tourism industry.

Cost-effective solutions is another benefit businesses and CEO’s will get from  this travel seminar. Creative, new ideas will be discussed so that traveling is more economically for businesses and travelers. This will save money for travel businesses and allow them to be more efficient and potentially grow. Potential new green technology can also be implemented in the travel process as well as new developments progress. This seminar is just the beginning of the changing and evolving tourism and travel industry.


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