Travel Marketing — 22 August 2011
How can companies use posterous to promote their business?

Blogging websites can be a tricky concept for some businesses. But with posterous you get a simple website that allows you to post your blog to all of your social media platforms. It’s a website that allows you to share your blogs and opinions about your business or your passions to the world. The site has a built-in Google Analytics package and custom themes for your business to customize your profile as you want. Posterous is compatible with the following sites:

It’s simple to use and the website is very user friendly. This site is also beneficial for your colleagues and family to use as well. By using the group feature on the site, your team and/or family can stay on the same page about big projects and upcoming events in the future. The best features on this site to use for your business are

  • Privately share photos, videos and ideas with others
  • Track website traffic and marketing effectiveness
  • Share from multiple devices via email, mobile and the web. Allows you to share MP3′s, and documents as well(both links and files)
  • Has a rich text editor and its own URL shortening device

These features will ease confusion and allow your business to be more effective.  It’s life-streaming capability and ease of use make it a favorite among bloggers. Try it out for your business. You just might like it!




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