Travel Marketing — 03 August 2011
McNabb Traded: Tourism Increases in the Midwest?

I know what you’re thinking. Good move for the Minnesota Vikings. Right? They get an elite quarterback who can replace the great things Brett Favre did for them two years ago. Also, they get a guy who has tons of playoff experience and can throw the deep ball better than anybody else in the league. All these things are true, but will bringing in McNabb increase revenue for businesses and tourism dollars for Minesota? Will more Viking and/or McNabb fans come to the stadium to watch games?

This trade initially will have a big impact in Minneapolis and the surrounding communities, more specifically the local restaurants, hotels, and stores. As fans hear about the latest news of their team getting a tried and true quarterback, and keeping the very talented Adrian Peterson they will start to become excited or at the very least intrigued. This new development could turn into increased ticket and jerseys sales for the team and more traffic and customers for surrounding businesses.

As fans start showing up to pre-season and regular season games they’re going to need places to stay, eat, shop, and either celebrate or commiserate during and after the game. This consumer need could create big business for all of the travel, transportation, and hospitality companies in the Minneapolis area. Airlines, cab companies, hotels and restaurants will see an uptick in sales from patrons visiting to and from Minnesota.

So how do you tap into the influx of excited, hope filled fans? Get your business out there for those football fans to find.

  • In your advertising campaigns show team support and attach special promotions
  • Let fans know that you have Viking, McNabb, Peterson, and/or Minnesota apparel, novelty items, food, etc.
  • Get noticed on mobile devices through local search, check-in and group buying applications
  • Add QR Codes to brochures for targeted and timely advertising
  • Build your search engine optimization targeting Viking travel searches

As the season starts, fans will start traveling into town to watch their favorite team or player play. The local restaurants, hotels, bars, and clubs need to be ready to accommodate and entice these game day visitors. Hosting pre and post game parties, offering specials,  and tapping into the Viking Mani Fan Club could mean the difference between a few bar flies and a packed establishment.

The threat of possibly not having a season has created a football frenzy and there is no telling how long this football euphoria will last. Your marketing should capitalize on the potential boost in Viking visitors today so that tomorrow you can jump on the next frenzy.  Good Luck!


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