Travel Industry — 17 April 2011
New Plans for Tourism Industry in New Mexico

New Mexico is a wonderful place with plenty of great attractions and interesting locations, but according to its tourism department, it’s not attracting enough tourists.  In order to remedy the situation, newly appointed secretary of tourism Monique Jacobson says that the state and its tourism industry need to form a “more unified marketing voice.”

One way the secretary is attempting to revamp New Mexico’s tourism industry is by developing new branding for the state, and for her central theme she chose “authenticity.” According to her plan, this new branding will play a strong role in new marketing campaigns for the state.

For now, Jacobson is not planning to seek out a budget increase, but instead believes that the department must utilize its current $14 million budget allocation more effectively, becoming more like an “investment firm” when it comes to dealing out money, and less like an ATM.

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